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~~~~```Kiropets User Of the Month ``~~~~
Our kiropets.com user of the month is animal_lover For all their work done in the last few months. Everyone, go ahead and congratulate animal_lover for a job well done. -Cheers DjKiro Lead Staff Member Kiropets.com

Kiropets Writing Contest!
Hello loyal Kiropians, animal_lover here, hosting the very first Kiropets Writing Contest! Read all about it, and enter today!

At this time, we cant do anything. We have no programmers. Kiro was bought out by a different company and they haven't assigned developers yet.

New PET!
There is another new pet. GO ADOPT IT TODAY!

BIG ERROR ON NEWS! Twilight185 IS NOW a new moderator on Kiropets
The news said Twilight185 is not a new moderator on Kiropets. This was a newscasting mistake. Twilight185 is a new moderator on Kiropets She must be given the same respect any of the other mods or staff receive. She has full moderator powers!

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